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The Highest Tech Tools for the Industrial Supply Chain

Providing supply chain optimization tools for the civil construction market. Take your organization further with the industry’s fastest and most efficient technologies.

Supply Chain Optimization Tools for the Civil Construction Market

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Our 3 Principles


Reducing costs by creating efficiencies. We create high tech tools that eliminate unnecessary fees and ensure the seamless flow of construction materials.


Instant product information and pricing for the materials your business needs and innovative shipping solutions to get them to site more-affordably with reduced lead times.

Data Driven

Sharing and leveraging data to create better productivity tools and provide valuable industry insights.

D2 Program Features

Purchase & Offer More Affordable, Accessible & Empowering Construction Materials

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Instant Pricing

No more waiting for quotes! Find pricing and product information anytime, anywhere with our platform.

Curated Databases

We get it, there’s a lot of products out there. We customize & curate our databases to ensure that you only see products relevant to your business.

Pay Less Freight

Powerful freight technology, helping you save your money on shipping costs no matter where you are.

Quality Products

Not all products are created equal. Our team filters through thousands of products to ensure we host only the industry’s best and most innovative products.

Account Management

Doing business should be rewarding. Manage records, make payments, and collect rewards through our streamlined and secure portal.

Part Sourcing

Need to find something? We can help! Get in touch with our purpose-built sourcing team.

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Purchase & Offer More Affordable, Accessible &
Empowering Construction Materials

Industrial Tech Solutions Specialists

Tech Applications

  • Product Selection
  • Design Assistance
  • Records Management
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Quotation Automation

Designed For

  • Sales Agencies
  • Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Manufacturers
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    How We Work

    Following a proven process to deliver solutions custom fit for your business.

    Your great idea starts here!

    1. Concept

    Our process begins with understanding your unique needs and the problems that your solution needs to solve. We break down the main elements of the project to ensure an efficient development process.


    1. Problem Analysis

    2. Technical Overview

    3. Preliminary Wireframes

    4. Project Deliverables


    2. Discovery

    Our discovery process builds on the concept with an in-depth look at the technical requirements for the project. Project managers, web developers, programmers, and user interface experts take a deep dive into the feasibility of the project and provide detailed budgets, timelines and a scope of work.


    1. Technical Feasibility

    2. Functionality Analysis

    3. Completed Scope of Work

    4. Finalized Budget & Timeline

    3. Development

    During the development phase, a purpose-built team is assembled and assigned to your project. Utilizing modern development best practices, we conduct a series of design sprints and iteration cycles that allows for continual feedback and ensures for a timely and effective build from start to finish.


    1. Building Process

    2. Iteration Cycles

    3. Release

    4. Quality Assurance

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    Industrial Product Photography

    How does the industry view your products?

    Future-proof your business with digital channel resources.

  • Web Graphics
  • Product Photography
  • Marketing Materials
  • 3D CAD Models
  • Product Resources
  • Video Tutorials